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Life Insurance

Providing for your family is a big responsibility, and we know that you take that job seriously. One of the best ways to ensure a secure future for your loved ones is to invest in life insurance. At Dover Insurance Agency of Ohio, we specialize in providing peace of mind at all stages of your life. Our skilled agents can match you with life insurance products that meet your unique needs. Since we aim for lifelong relationships, we’re there with the appropriate life insurance solutions when you get that first big promotion at work as well as when you get the news about the arrival of your first child. Here are some of our basic life insurance offerings.

Term Life Insurance

Term life insurance products pay benefits to your loved ones when you die. These policies cover predetermined periods of time that usually range from five to 30 years. Here are some ways that term life insurance can help your family after your passing.

  • Provide living expenses for minor children
  • Pay off mortgage debt for a surviving spouse
  • Repay unsecured loans and credit card debt

Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance pays money to your loved ones upon your death, but it also accrues cash value. This insurance doesn’t have a specified term end date; it lasts your entire lifetime. You can borrow against the policy, and your rates stay the same as long as you keep paying your premiums.

Blended Term/Whole Life Insurance

Blended life insurance offers a customized option that gives you the best of both types of policies. Most of these hybrid policies start off as a combination of term and whole plans, and they convert to whole life insurance within a specified number of years. Portions of the dividends that accrue during the first phase of the policies are used to convert blended policies to strictly whole life plans.


Life insurance helps you to rest a little easier knowing that you’ve planned for a high quality of life. No matter what life throws at you, you can live with confidence. For more information about living well with life insurance in Ohio, contact your local Dover Insurance Agency representative for a free consultation.

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