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Ohio Umbrella Insurance Coverage

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

An insurance policy is essential for safeguarding financial loss perils. It protects you from getting charged with slander, damages, injuries, vandalism, and even business.

What happens when you exceed your limit of coverage?

In Ohio, Dover Insurance Agency provides umbrella insurance to keep you covered beyond your limit.

What is Umbrella Insurance?

Umbrella insurance is an extra liability policy that goes beyond your limits of coverage in other insurance policies. This additional coverage is beneficial to people with precious assets or prone to expensive lawsuits. It protects you from significant claims and lawsuits.

Dover Insurance Agency implements this policy in two methods:

  • We offer added liability coverage over your auto, boat, and homeowners insurance policies. The Umbrella policy kicks in when all other standard policies get exhausted.
  • We offer insurance protection for claims not covered by all other liability policies. The protection includes false imprisonment, slander, false detention, libel, shock, false arrest, mental anguish, and massive liability for all your rental units.

What does Dover Umbrella Insurance Cover?


You never know when accidents happen. The Umbrella policy covers all medical bills and liability claims that arise from damages caused to another person’s body when all policies are exhausted. Accidental falls, dog bites, and auto accidents injuries are all covered in this policy.

Property Damage

We offer you affordable packages that cover loss or damage costs associated with another individual’s tangible property. We cover damages to vehicles and property, where you, your family, or pet are at fault.

What are some Benefits of Dover Umbrella Insurance?

Our policy enables you to expand your current liability protection in three ways:

  • Increases coverage limits on your standard policy
  • Broadens your protection across auto, home, and all your other personal exposures
  • Reimburses your money lost from defense fees, court costs, and all other legal expenses that accumulate from a trial or a hearing.

Talk with Dover Insurance Agency in our Ohio offices today to increase your liability protection with their umbrella insurance coverage.

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